Third grade is a transitional year. It is an important time for growth in maturity, as well as higher level thinking and responsibility. Third grade is also an exciting year. Students follow multiple themes throughout two semesters, making learning both academic and fun. Themes include chocolate, revolving around the delicious book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This six-week study culminates in Chocolate Day, when parents transform the third-grade classroom into the chocolate factory. We also visit a local factory to see how chocolate is made.



Students study Sadlier's We Believe. They become active members of the Church community this year, as they are encouraged to become altar servers. Servers benefit under the training of upper classmen.



The class continues using the Journeys series. The components are comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, spelling, writing, and grammar. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a favorite among reading materials. Reading curriculum adheres to the Common Core.



Third graders pick back up with Pearson's Envision Math Series. Sixteen topics cover all parts of Common Core math requirements for the third grade.



Lessons are geared toward the essential standards for third grade. Topics include matter, forces and motion, landforms, the solar system, plants, and the skeletal system.


Social Studies

Students trace their family immigration and display findings on a "Coat of Arms". They also engage a six-week study of the Great Depression, during which they read books, interview oral historians, watch video, and experience a Great Depression Day, featuring costumes, plays, and living history displays.


2020 Needed Supplies List