Every second grader finds opportunities for success at Immaculata. Student abilities are assessed frequently and instruction maintains an appropriate level of challenge. Curriculum is aligned with Common Core and North Carolina Essential Standards for second grade.



Catholic students receive two of the seven Sacraments this year. They prepare for Reconciliation in February and First Holy Communion in May. The learn a great deal about the faith while preparing for these important moments at Immaculate Conception Church.


Language Arts

Second graders spend a great deal of time studying language arts. The Journeys Curriculum is aligned with Common Core Standards and encompasses phonics, reading, grammar, and writing. Cursive handwriting is also taught in second grade. Students are challenged according to their ability and are given the scaffolding needed to be successful and to feel good about themselves and their work.



Second grade uses Envision Math by Pearson, as it is a continuing education. The students will learn the relationship between addition and subtraction, regrouping, deepen their understanding of place value, and learn about standard units of measurement. They will also begin the basics of geometry and learn how to interpret data on a graph.



Hands-on activities help students understand air and weather, sound, and life cycles, through insects and egg incubation. Second grade also participates in the 4-H Embryology Program. Students learn about quail eggs while caring for them for a month until they hatch.


Social Studies

Students study the importance of community life, with a focus on their own Hendersonville, North Carolina. Students will learn map skills, make their own landforms, and journey back in time. Their material eventually expands to include subjects like Ellis Island.


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