Our Middle School students move to the middle school floor of our newest building. Here they change classes throughout the day and learn the additional responsibilities that will be key as they advance in life. Our Middle School teachers stay in close contact with the teachers and counselors at Hendersonville High School and Canongate Catholic High School as most of our 8th graders will move to one of those two schools for their high school careers.



Middle School religion makes use of Our Sunday's Visitor Call to Faith. Sixth grade emphasizes the Old Testament. Seventh grade begins with the basic fundamentals of our faith with concentration on the person of Jesus and Eighth grade goes into Church History. Each book spirals upon the other and compliments each other. In sixth grade, students learn how to use the Bible, looking up chapter and verse; a skill that will accompany them through their later years.

The objectives of these courses rather than just learning about our faith, is to appreciate our salvation history, to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, to understand the traditions of the Church and the liturgical celebrations, and to connect theory to practice through service projects. Special Projects include the seventh graders' SAINTS MUSEUM and the eighth grader's SPIRITUAL SPONSOR program. The Spiritual Sponsor Program is an intergenerational community building program where a person from the parish prays everyday for an eighth grade student. They meet at a luncheon at the end of the school year.

Special Assemblies during Advent, the Live Stations of the Cross, and May Crowning are some of the faith based activities lead and celebrated by the middle school students. Each week, students participate in celebration of Eucharist Adoration, attend all school Mass, and gather for morning, noon, and end of school day as well as participate in Novenas, spiritual retreats, and Catholic School Week activities. Service Projects include eighth grade students working with kindergarten students and seventh grade students assisting first grade students with Mass preparation.


Spanish Language

Hola! Welcome to the exciting world of Espanol. Spanish is offered from fifth through eighth grade as a curriculum course. The Middle School program combines oral as well as written exercises. The textbook, Glencoe's "Como te Va?" is used mainly as a resource with the thrust of this language program based on the instructor's experience. The objectives for this program are: to appreciate the diverse culture of the Spanish speaking world; to express thoughts and carry on simple conversations in the target language; and to have a basic cache of survival Spanish statements such as, "Where is the bathroom?" Projects include researching a Spanish speaking country along with its cuisine and sharing a dish with the class, Latin dance, research and presentation of current Hispanic people, and Tapas Party with food, culture, music and learning.



Middle school students develop a knowledge of English through the study of literature, nonfiction, writing mechanics, and grammar, while also improving their critical thinking skills and creativity in the light of Catholic tradition. Grammar and writing mechanics are essential to the curriculum. Students improve their skills through instruction and daily practice. Assigned essays focus on expository writing, while allowing for creative projects, including poems. Great books, timeless short stories, and intriguing nonfiction also make up the core. Throughout three years of middle school, students will read Lois Lowry's The Giver, Jack London's Call of the Wild, George Orwell's Animal Farm, stories from Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Gettysburg Address, The Bill of Rights, I Have a Dream, and other timeless masterpieces. Students do independent reading and present their favorite books to their classmates. Ultimately, Immaculata's English classes educate the heart and the mind. Students become effective communicators while learning virtues like justice, courage, and love.



Entwined within the math curriculum is the opportunity to explore and enrich our faith. We often talk about God's omnipotence when we discuss infinity. Many rules in math also lend themselves to following the Golden Rule as we solve equations and discuss the concept of division. Every opportunity that arises is taken advantage of to reinforce our Christian beliefs and realize the Gospel applies to every area of our lives. Middle school math provides the skills and foundation needed for all future math classes. Our math curriculum is both very challenging and rewarding as the students acquire new math skills and build upon existing ones. Our goal is to provide children with needed skills, challenge them, and make them realize they CAN do math!


Our Middle School uses the Glencoe Math Connects series. This textbook comes with a wonderful website. It has lots of extra problems, tutoring, practice tests, etc. Please take the time to explore and investigatewww.glencoe.com. 8th grade students also have the option to take Algebra I. A placement test and a teacher recommendation are used to determine which students should take this class. This course also uses the Glencoe series.


Social Studies

The Middle School social studies curriculum provides a global basis encompassing the NC Essential Standards and a concentration on World Geography, World History, and United States History. Early middle school curriculum concentrates on geographic features, physical and political boundaries and cultures of each continent. Building on this foundation, students move into World History beginning with investigations of Prehistory and continuing by geographical region through Early and Ancient time periods to the Age of Exploration. Students complete their middle school studies through an in-depth study of the exploration and creation of the United States. Each unit includes opportunities to apply their knowledge through hands-on activities to experience the geography and cultures that make up our world. Cross-curricular opportunities include drama productions, art projects, religious studies & field trips. A National Geographic based text provides numerous opportunities to explore virtual museum exhibits and primary source materials. Apple MacBook Pros and iPads in the classroom provide daily opportunity to research and understand our place in an ever-changing world. All Middle School students participate in various competitive studies including National Geographic Geography Bee, National History Day, Elks Club Patriotic Essay Contest, and Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Contest.



Middle School science studies focus on the North Carolina 2009 Essential Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Each unit of study combines a mastery of scientific vocabulary and scientific inquiry with hands-on activities. Building on the basics of laboratory practices introduced in early middle school, students expand their critical thinking skills with more challenging research based labs. Lab procedures might be practiced through solving mystery element experiments that explore laws of conservation of matter, designing a packaging system to return an egg unbroken after a rocket launch, or researching the role of proper nutrition. With a focus on proper lab procedures, critical thinking, and communication skills students can and do find the fun in science. Studies include hands-on activities such as design and testing of earthquake proof buildings, rocket cars, bottle rockets, parachutes, bridges, roller-coasters and Rube-Goldberg contraptions. An introduction to Chemistry includes focus on an understanding of the Periodic Table and the basic components of elements and atomic structure. A simulated fossil dig allows students to explore 1 million plus years of North Carolina aquatic life and the role evolutionary changes play in survival of species. Generous support from North Carolina agencies, corporations, the North Carolina Arboretum, the North Carolina Science Festival, and the Air Force Association make many of these activities possible. Throughout the course of study, students practice problem based learning strategies to improve critical thinking skills both in lab situations, research projects, and real life situations. In association with the Henderson County Soil and Water Conservation District our students are active participants in the Envirothon Competition and the annual poster, speech, and essay contests. Classroom activities include the use of Smart Board, Apple MacBook Pro, and IPad technology to access interactive experiences and provide access to 21st Century learning.


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