Kindergarten is a special place for children. It gives them a chance to explore, discover, and create. Kindergarten offers an opportunity for children to mature at their own rate; emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually. Most importantly, the Immaculata classroom teaches our little ones to grow with God.



Kindergarten uses Sadlier's We Believe religion program. The class talks about God's love, and how they can feel that love in everything they do. They explore the lives of the Saints and learn how many of them lived ordinary lives just as they do. Kindergarteners attend Mass weekly and participate in the readings and prayers.


English Language Arts

The Journeys English Language Arts Program (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) is consistent through each grade. Each level of Journey's offers new challenges. Children will be reading a balance of fictional and informational big-print books. At this young age, students will begin to ask questions, consider evidence, think about their responses, and expand their imaginations. The program also includes weekly lessons in grammar, vocabulary, and writing. Students will experience the complete writing process, from prewriting to publishing.



Envision Math by Pearson covers topics such as counting, putting numbers together and taking them apart, and working with numbers 11-19 to gain foundations for place value. They also look for patterns, sort and classify data, and identify geometric shapes. The Smartboard is a valuable tool with this program. The class also does a daily calendar routine.

Students enjoy field trips to the Hendersonville Library, Pisgah National Forest, and the Hands On Children's Museum. Visitors, such as the Fire and Police Dept. and a community dentist, bring exciting presentations into the school.

They attend weekly classes with specialists for physical education, art, computers, and library.


2020 Needed Supplies List