We Believe is an upward-spiral program with each grade building on the previous year of learning. The 5th grade curriculum centers on the study of the Sacraments. Throughout the year, students learn about the gift of sharing in God's life through the Sacraments. They develop an awareness of the sanctifying grace that gives us the opportunity to live as Jesus followers.


Language Arts

The Journeys program is aligned to the Common Core National Standards and integrates grammar, spelling/vocabulary, reading, and writing. Skills are enhanced with supplemental texts and focused instruction.



Grammar is an essential building block of writing effectively. As specified in the Common Core, the students experience a curriculum concentrating on the functions of conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections; verb tense; capitalization; and punctuation. Diagramming sentences is introduced to facilitate the understanding of the English language. The text is Voyages in English.



Using a systematic approach to learning vocabulary, the students increase their word knowledge, improve their word study skills, and prepare for words used on standardized tests.


Writing Using the writing process, skills are taught in the student's language arts class and reinforced throughout the curriculum. In addition to narrative and descriptive writing, they learn expository and persuasive writing. Programs include Empowering Writers, and the text is Voyages in English.



A comprehensive literature program engages the students with an emphasis on non fiction, including poetry. Fifth graders also read a variety of fiction. These units incorporate reading strategies and literary focus. In addition, the students read novels relating to cross-curricular themes.



Pearson Envision Math is a progressive program with an instructional online component. Its Middle school math provides the skills and foundation needed for all future math classes. Class is both challenging and rewarding, as the students acquire new skills and build upon existing ones. The goal is to provide children with needed skills, challenges, and make them realize they CAN do math!


Social Studies

Fifth grade study extends to geographic regions of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. Students learn about the people of these nations and their physical environments. As they examine social, economic, and political institutions, students analyze similarities and differences among societies. Concepts for this study are drawn from history and the social sciences, but the primary discipline is cultural geography. Given the swiftness of change and our global information systems, students examine concepts with continuous reference to current events and trends.



Students engage in hands-on learning throughout the year and, once again, use their Foss textbook as a guide. Following the North Carolina Essential Standards, the students investigate the areas of physical science, earth science, and life science.


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